Mike Russo

Great start J-Wall and strong finish! Worth every penny.

"Loved week 1, all information I had to find in several videos online before finding your workshop. Keep spreading the love with blender for 3D printing. Week 2 even better, if I've learned this much in just 2 weeks, can't wait to dive into the next 2. Week 3 continues to live up to the previous weeks of easy to follow tutorials and very exciting projects. I'm looking forward to and disappointed to start the last week of this beginner series. Well here we are, at the end of week 4. This 4 week class was amazing, I learned so much in a short amount of time and the teacher is just great, very patient and easily accessible. Look forward to more training videos and live podcast with you guys! Sad to see it end for me but excited to see it's future for you. Keep living the dream."

Garrett Kearney - Chaos Core Tech

3D Printing YouTuber

"This course was extremely easy. Jayson says at the beginning that its pretty basic, but if you did the intro course you'll get this almost immediately. It's great how things are building on each other. "

Alejandro Canchola

1 month ago

" lot of content and information very well explained, easy to follow and learn. Great tricks for 3d printing i didnt know blender had."

Jonas @3DPrintingPrinter

Blender for total beginners!

"The course really helped me, a person with no prior Blender experience, to get a grasp of Blender! What I especially like about this course are the fun & cute exercises, and that the keys our instructor presses are being displayed in the video."

Max @3DWithUs

"I saw this course as a 4-week challenge, strictly following all the instructions step by step. To get the most of this training, students have to fulfill every task, including creating own designs and 3D printing them out. That's the only way to digest Blender in this crash course. Jason is very supportive and responsive, and great fun too!"


"This course was really easy and fun to do. It is supposed to show you the very basics of blender, but you learn it while actually making whole models with very useful tools. I really learned a lot, Blender interface can be a little overwhelming the first time you open it but thanks to this course I feel ready to explore and experiment with it by myself."


"It’s literally a Fast Lane to Learning 3D Printing. No side tracking here.... straight to the point. You learn Everything from Design to the rules of 3D Printers."

Alex Parton


"This course was extremely easy. Jayson says at the beginning that its pretty basic, but if you did the intro course you'll get this almost immediately. It's great how things are building on each other."

James G McNeill

"This is exactly the course I was looking for to answer the questions I had about 3D printing."

David Vetter

"J Wall is great and I am familiar with him from his YT videos. He is going fast, but I am keeping up."

Peter Scheler

"It's what the title promises. A Blender beginner course with the focus on 3D printing. If you have some experience with Blender, you will probably not be challenged here."

Eduardo Marim Pissinati

Eric Lau

Kyle Darroux-Rose

Joe Zanre

"Yes indeed"

Phillip Baker

Shane Filippe

Walter Manning


Kevin J Bourgault, PhD

"I find Blender a super technical program and there was a real push at times trying to keep up (i.e., drinking from a firehose). I did experience multiple technical difficulties throughout this course. However, these were not the direct fault of the instructor (more attributable to program limitations). More importantly , I thought the instructor did a very good job of communicating with me when I did have problems. Overall, I am more than satisfied with the course and think that with more practice and projects, that I might actually develop some proficiency with this program. I would recommend this course for intermediate computer users or those with some experience with graphic design."

Josh Easley

Jonathan Sada

Finally I am feeling comfortable with Blender

"I really liked this course. I really get more than what I was expecting. I enjoyed the lessons and participating in the Live Meetups. Jayson was super helpful and always happy to provide support and feedback. The weekly delivery empowered me to follow the course and learn many things in one month. I am ready for the next course :)"

Kamilla Andersson

"Good for a basic understandning, but I would like to learn more about choosing rafts, filling e t c. Also more about how to fix problems when inspecting and preparing for prints."

Brenda Woodard

Jordon Gingrich

Jose Incer

Fausto Lopez

Arlene S Pietrzyk

"Yep, good match for my skill(less) blender level and presenter is energetic and engaging."

Nicholos Matthews


Li Mi

Steven Middagh

"A little basic with nuggets of useful info but thats to be expected for a beginner course."

同學 王

James Whitlock

Kris Gainsforth

"Too fast with the basics."

Dom Sch

Jerry E Shepherd

"so far but quite early to form a meaningful opinion."

Malcolm Irving

"so far but quite early to form a meaningful opinion."

Gary E. Duerr

Thomas Pagluica

"I’m sure the information is good but I’m constantly go back because it moves so quickly."

Kevin Perry

Sjon Jones

Matthew A Flinchbaugh

Hendrie Bosch

Hard to get started...

"For me it was hard to get up to steam. It is a steep learning curve especially if you're not a native English speaker. And my hardware isn't up to date so with objects with al lot of faces Blender tends to crash when checking for 3D-print. In the video's sometimes there's a switch or some parameters changed while the story continue's and it is not noticeable. This makes it sometimes hard to follow along and it takes a real good observatory to see what has happened. All in all; I'm glad i took this course to learn how to use Blender. Thanks! Hendrie"

Gerson Cervantes

Very good class.

"Your classes are really good. Taking the class #1 helped me to understand better how to use the 3d print tool box . I'm gonna give 5 starts to this class Thanks"

Ilias Ariston

Great intro to blender

"gives good confidence in the different workflows and allows you to make your first attempts in 3d printing. "

Hubert Berg

Great course

"I've been relatively new to 3D printing and had little experience in blender. This course is very well prepared and a great introduction."