4 Week Beginner Workshop

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Our 4-Week Workshop will transform you into a 3D print designer quick. With exclusive LIVE meet-ups every week, you'll engage with other students and your instructor in this one-on-one learning experience.

Beginner 101

Intro to Blender 3D Print Workflow

We'll get you introduced to the epic and beautiful program Blender 3D. You'll learn how to customize your workstation, basic design theory, intro to mesh editing, intro to the Bool Tool, and basics of the 3D Print Tool.

Beginner 102

Flexible Design Techniques & Tools

In this course we'll be diving a little deeper into flexible design workflows and getting you more comfortable with the process. You'll be introduced to the displacement modifier, lathe tool, basic measurement techniques, and working w/ 3D text and images.

Beginner 103

Intro to Pro Techniques

By introducing you to longer workflows and how to use more of Blender's awesome modifiers you'll be expanding your brain to design with precision in no time! We introduce you to subsurface modeling, designing with tolerances, and splicing large objects.

Beginner 104

Intro to Adaptive Design, Sculpting, & EEVEE

This course introduces you to the process of Adaptive Design so that you can make changes quickly without destroying your workflow. We also introduce you to Blender's powerful sculpting tools to get you wanting more. As a bonus we also provide a crash course in Blender's new EEVEE Render workflow for fun.


5 Tools to Begin 3D Print Design

Do you want to learn 3D print design but don't know where to start? Join J-Wall in the LIVE 3D Print Pow Wow to get designing within the hour! This LIVE event is FREE, limited seats available.