What You'll Learn

In this Novice 101 Course we'll be learning how to use every tool in the Blender Toolbar specifically for 3D Printing. This comprehensive course is built to get you acquainted with the various specialty tools to speed up your workflow.

This course is not a beginner course. If you are not comfortable in Blender please see our suggested pre-requisites;

Blender 100 Series
Blender 101 Series
Blender 102 Series
Blender 103 Series
Blender 104 Series
  • Watch Time: 4.5 hrs
    Design Estimate: 6 hrs

  • Learn Every Extrude Tool

  • Learn Every Inset & Bevel Tool

  • Learn Every Loop Cut Tool

  • Learn the Knife & Bisect Tool

  • Learn Poly Build for 3D Printing

  • Learn the Spin Tools

  • Learn Every Slide Tool

  • Learn the Shrink/Flatten & Push/Pull Tool

  • Access to Lesson & File Download

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This is a Novice 101 course. If you haven't checked out our Beginner 100 - Beginner 104 Series we highly recommend doing so first.

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