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By the end, you'll know:

  • WHERE ARE WE? - You are in the greatest time, EVER, to own a 3D printer. Now, let me show you how to unlock the full potential of your 3D printer.

  • WHERE ARE WE GOING? - What you currently believe about the process of 3D print design is not true, and I will show you why. I am going to share with you: How to become a Flexible Designer, How to easily Repair Common Design Errors, and How to Instantly Create Professional HD Renders of your models, plus the quick tips and tricks that all 3D print designers should know.

  • WHAT ABOUT SOFTWARE? - Your mind will be blown away by the FREE 3D design software that we will use to create your 3D designs! You'll also learn how to instantly set up the 3D design software, specifically, for your 3D printer build dimensions.

  • WHY SHOULD WE LISTEN TO YOU? - Your LIVE instructor will be Jayson Wall of Print That Thing. He will share his personal 3D Print Design processes with you to help save you time, headaches, and money. Your instructor has helped over 10K people get started with 3D print design since 2013.

  • WHAT'S AFTER THAT? - You'll be intrigued to know the multitude of ways that you can start turning your hobby of 3D printing into a future career. Near the end of the event, you'll get a LIVE Q&A session with your instructor to ask any questions you may have.

  • WHEN IT'S OVER . . . - By the end, not only will you know how to get more out of your 3D printer, learn my top tricks, get helpful ideas for making money, you will also get FREE downloads and 3d printable STLs.

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    Wednesday, NOV.11.2020 @ 1 PM CST
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    In this live event, we'll be introducing three (3) of the biggest reasons to start 3D printing your OWN ideas.  

    RSVP to this LIVE event to start getting the FULL experience out of your 3D Printer. 

    At the end, we'll have a LIVE Q&A session to answer any questions you may have. So RSVP, and I'll see you there!

    If you can't attend, you can still signup and I we'll send you a LIVE replay link after the event has ended.

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      • Live Event (REPLAY) - You're NOT really 3D printing, unless you 3D print your OWN ideas

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    LIVE Event Topics:

    During this event you will learn how to get MORE out of your 3D printer.

    • 3 Super Powers that All 3D Print Designers Should Know!

    • How to quickly Fix & Repair ANY 3D Print design with 3D Print Toolbox (FREE Add-on)

    • How to instantly setup YOUR 3D Printer inside the 3D design software.

    • Learn Sculpting for 3D print design (The EASY WAY)

    • How to create professional 3D Product Renders in REAL-TIME.

    • Plus LIVE Q&A to answer any 3D print design questions.

    Seminar Hosts


    Jayson Wall

    Jayson (aka: Print That Thing) has been active in the 3D Print space since 2013. Better known as Jwall, he started as a youtube channel and expanded into STEM Mentorships, teaching kids how to 3D Design for the Nashville Public Library. During that time he helped organize the 1st & 2nd 3D printed art show in Nashville TN, Replication & Replication 2.0.  

    In 2019 with an ambition to encourage more 3D Print Makers to learn to design their own work, he began PTT.live in hopes to expand the 3D print design curriculum available online. He's passionate about helping his students grow, learn, and experience their own brainpower. Turning ideas into things is a superpower and he's always looking forward to seeing what his students create!