Well, you'll have to attend to check it out but here is what we can tell you upfront;

  • Secret #3 - Keeps your design workflow flexible and allows making complex design changes super-fast - whether that’s for yourself or for your future clients.

  • Secret #2 - Saves you a ton of time so that you’re more efficient when building complex designs or fixing designs that might not be 3D Print ready.

  • Secret #1 - A tool we built to help our students that will make Blender become even more 3D Print-friendly.

  • + FREE Downloads & STLS
  • Who should attend?

    Anyone interested in using Blender for 3D Print Design should attend this Live Seminar.

  • 3D Print Design Noobs
  • 3D Print Designers interested in Blender
  • 3D Print Enthusiasts & Blender Skeptics.
  • Or if you want my 3 Secrets, Free Downloads, & this Benchy-In-A-Bottle design!

    This Wednesday @ 12 PM CST
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    In this live seminar, we'll be introducing three (3) of our biggest secrets to using Blender for 3D Print Design.  

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    When you attend the entire event you'll also gain access to some goodies that will make your 3D Print Design journey even easier!

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      Live Seminar - This Wednesday @ 12pm CST

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