What You'll Learn

This is a Novice Mini-Course set out to introduce you to a very basic Tolerance workflow in Blender. While building a "Spinner Toy" you'll learn various techniques in designing multi-functional parts for a single design.

We'll be going over more advanced uses of the 3D Print Toolbox. Introducing you to a "Mesh Repair" workflow. You'll also get a crash course in printing with multiple colors with a single extruder.

  • Intro to Basic Tolerance Workflow

  • Mesh Repair Workflow (3D Print Toolbox)

  • Multi-color Printing Technique (Single Extruder)

  • Practice working w/ 3D Text

  • Practice working w/ Bool Tool

  • Access to Lesson & File Downloads

  • Access to the Community Discord

Watch Intro Video

Custom Spinner Games

What is a tolerance?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Make a Spin Game!

    • Spinner Game Intro

    • Download Project & 3D Print Files

    • Creating the Base

    • Create Spinner Arrow

    • Adding Custom Text

    • Combine Base with Text

    • Create the Cap, Washer, & Stand

    • Adding Divider Details

    • Micro Adjustments & Branding

    • Export for 3D Printing & Slice

    • Repair Workflow (optional)

    • Multi Color 3D Printing with Prusa Slicer 2.2

    • Spin Toy Outro

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