You still haven't learned 3D print design?

Look, we get it. 3D Print Design is a daunting new skill for a lot of 3D Print Enthusiasts. But let's not lie to ourselves.

3D Printing is NOTHING without 3D Print Design.

Yeah, we said it. If you're already dedicated to 3D Printing - why limit yourself to half the experience?

Learning 3D Print Design doesn't have to be a complicated thing on your to-do list.

Join this Seminar today to learn how to get started quickly and affordably.

  • The Benefits of This Seminar

  • Learn a bit about the 3D Print Industry.

  • Learn our #3 Secret that keeps your design workflow flexible.

  • Learn our #2 Secret that makes designing efficient.

  • Learn our #1 Secret that truly makes Blender 3D Print Friendly

  • Download Free Tools & STL's that will jump start
    your 3D Printing Journey Today!

3 Secrets + 3D Benchy Bottle + Downloads

At the end of the seminar, you'll get FREE downloads.

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At the end of the seminar you'll receive;

- Free Benchy in a Bottle STL
- Free #1 Secret Files
- Exclusive Seminar Offers

Seminar Itinerary

  • 1

    Welcome to the Seminar

    • Welcome!

    • Seminar Navigation

  • 2

    The 3 Blender Secrets

    • Why Learn 3D Print Design?

    • Secret #3

    • Secret #2

    • Secret #1

  • 3

    How to Get Started

    • Learn 3D Print Design

    • Get Started

  • 4

    Your Free Gifts

    • FREE Download #1

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    • FREE Download #3

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Seminar Hosts


Jayson Wall

Jayson (aka: Print That Thing) has been active in the 3D Print space since 2013. Better known as Jwall, he started as a youtube channel and expanded into STEM Mentorships, teaching kids how to 3D Design for the Nashville Public Library. During that time he helped organize the 1st & 2nd 3D printed art show in Nashville TN, Replication & Replication 2.0.  

In 2019 with an ambition to encourage more 3D Print Makers to learn to design their own work, he began in hopes to expand the 3D print design curriculum available online. He's passionate about helping his students grow, learn, and experience their own brainpower. Turning ideas into things is a superpower and he's always looking forward to seeing what his students create!

PTT.Live Team

Amber Wilkinson

Amber is a huge part of Print That Thing's backend material. She assists in marketing, IT, and building various platform materials. She started 3D designing in Blender in 2015 and has worked in various illustrations, animation, and game design workflows.