What You'll Learn

The Beginner 104 course, is the fourth insallment of our Beginner Design Series. This course compounds on everything you've learned from Beginner 101, Beginner 102, and Beginner 103. We'll start diving into some of the more free-flowing techniques available with Blender when it comes to 3D Print Design.

Goal: This Course is the last course we have to cram as much of the extra fun stuff as we can! You'll be learning the basics of Blender's powerful sculpting tools by crafting your best digital snowman. With our Phone Amp exercise you'll learn Adaptive Design Techniques that will allow for rapid design changes without compromising your design. And because it's always fun to render out your work we've also thrown in a bonus lesson on Eevee Basics.

  • Watch Time: 1.15 hrs
    Design Estimate: 5 hrs

  • Intro to Adaptive Design Workflows

  • Practice w/ Real World Design Measurements

  • Intro to Blender Sculpting Tools

  • Basics to EEVEE Render Engine

  • Access to Lesson & File Downloe

  • Access to the Designer's Forum

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Course curriculum

Let's get you printing asap!

  • 1

    Beginner 104 - 3D Print Design

  • 2

    Sculpting for 3D Printing

    • Make a Snowman - Intro

    • Snowman - Blender Project File & 3D Printable .STL

    • Sculpt Mode Layout & Snowballs

    • Sculpting for 3D Printing Basics

    • Inspect & Repair Snowman - Part 1

    • Inspect & Repair Snowman - Part 2

    • Make a Snowman - Outro

    • Share Your Sculpt

  • 3

    Cell Phone Amp

    • Cell Phone Amp - Intro

    • Cell Phone Amp - Blender Project File & 3D Printable .STL

    • Measure Cell Phone & Create the Base

    • Design the Amp

    • Fitting your Phone to the Amp

    • Inspecting the Amp for 3D Printing

    • Cell Phone Amp - Outro

    • Share Your Phone Amps

  • 4

    EEVEE Studio Renders

  • 5


    • Well Done, you finished the Blender for 3D Printing online course!

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This course is the 4th Course in our Beginner Designer Series. We recommend that you check out a>, and Beginner 103 before diving into this one.

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    Beginner 104: Adaptive Design, Sculpting, and EEVEE Basics

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