What you'll Learn

This course is the 2nd Course of a Design for Beginner series that will get you started with Blender for your 3D Print Design future! In this course we'll be diving a little deeper into flexible design workflows and getting you more comfortable with the process.

Goal: This course is all about learning how to be a flexible designer. By teaching you three different workflows in lithophanes, 3d printed vases, and custom rings, you'll learn how to really start thinking about design structure for your prints.

  • Watch Time: 47 mins
    Design Estimate: 3 hrs

  • Intro to the Displacement Modifier

  • Into to working w/ Curves

  • Intro to the Lathe Tool

  • Intro to Practical Measurements

  • Intro to working w/ Images & Text

  • Access to Lesson & File Downloads

  • Access to the Designer's Forum

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Course curriculum

Let's get you printing asap!

  • 1

    Welcome & Course Overview

  • 2

    Create Custom 3D Photos

    • 3D Photos - Intro

    • 3D Photo - Blender Project & 3D Printable .STL

    • Adding your Photo

    • Make solid & Add Base

    • Inspect & Export

    • Show off your photos!

    • Share your Lithopane!

  • 3

    Learn to Lathe

  • 4

    Basics to Wearables

    • Lets make a ring

    • Ring - Blender File & 3D Printable .STL

    • Measure your knuckles

    • Building the Ring Shape

    • Adding text

    • Customizing for flexible workflow

    • Prep your ring for printing

    • Inspect your ring with the 3d Print Toolbox

    • Share your completed Custom Ring

    • Share Your Rings!

  • 5


    • Well Done, you finished the Blender for 3D Printing online course!

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This is the 2nd Course in our Beginner Design Series. If you have't checked out Beginner 101 we highly recommend doing so.

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    Beginner 102 - Flexible Design Techniques & Tools

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