What You'll Learn

Learning new software can be daunting. Our Beginner 101 Course is built to get you comfortable with the Blender 2.8 interface as soon as possible so that you can start designing the stuff in your own head.

Goal: This course is all about getting to know the tools. Understanding the basic workflows and learning how to manipulate basic objects.

  • Watch Time: 1.4 hrs
    Design Estimate: 2 hrs

  • Blender Installation & Custom Workstations

  • Intro to Blender UI for Quick Comprehension

  • Intro to Design Theory for 3D Printing

  • Intro to Mesh Editing

  • Intro to the 3D Print Tool

  • Access to Lesson & File Downloads

  • Access to the Course Discord

Course curriculum

Let's get you printing asap!

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This is a complimentary introduction to Blender 2.7 for 3D Print Design. It kicks off our Beginner Course Series.