What You'll Learn

In this Advanced 300 Course we'll be tackling a complex product design of a dog inspired pet product. You'll learn the steps to approaching a completely original product design. Everything from sketching ideas, using reference images, how to manipulate Blender's bolt factory, and more.

This course is not a beginner course. If you are not comfortable in Blender please see our suggested pre-requisites;

Blender 100 Series (Free)
Blender 101 Series
Blender 102 Series
Blender 103 Series
Blender 104 Series
Blender 200 Series
  • Watch Time: 2.15 hrs
    Design Estimate: 5 hrs

  • Product Design Planning

  • Reference Image Workflows

  • Intro to Blender's Bolt Factory

  • Rapid Prototyping Techniques

Course curriculum


  • 1

    Pre-Production Workflow

    • Project Overview & Multiple Drafts Workflow

    • Sketch Out Ideas (Paper or Grease Pencil)

    • Get Photos References

    • Reference Object Measurements

    • Design Poop Roll & Leash Objects

  • 2

    Design Your Product Shape

    • Add Photos

    • Blocking the Dog Head

    • Blocking the Jaw & Ears

    • Blocking Neck (+ Modifiers)

    • Create Mouth Hole for Thumb

  • 3

    Leash Clips & Screw-On Base

    • Add Leash Clips

    • Create a Bolt Collar

    • Create a Neck Nut

    • Fix Collar with 3DP Toolbox & Booleans

  • 4

    Design Adjustments

    • Cut Poop Roll Hole

    • Add Poop Loop

    • Add Roll Spikes

    • Check Mesh for Overhangs

    • Add Text (optional)

  • 5

    Add Sculpting Details

    • Prep for Sculpting

    • Sculpting the Broad Shapes

    • Sculpting the Medium Details

  • 6

    Prep for 3D Printing

    • Export for 3D Printing

    • Slice Prototype for 3D Printing

    • Final 3D Print (Timelapse)

    • Outro

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